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November 15, 2016
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December 1, 2016

From Last 70 Years we are in queue, why not now


For last 8 days, India has only discussed only one word. And that word is demonetization. It’s a difficult word but behind this complex word, there are so many things. People stand 5hr on a queue  and while he/she enter ATM there is no cash. Yes, there is an inconvenience but my dear people of India, you want something has to change then you need to change your own thought process. From last 70 years, we are standing in a queue and we are facing the same inconvenience whether we  stand for a job, movie ticket, a sim card, grocery shop, petrol bunk, admission for a student or any reality show’s audition.

We as a people of India we are all ok with anything but there are few selfish interest groups who would never care for us over the years. Suddenly come and take advantage of our inconvenience to protect their interest.

My readers, I am asking you whether you were should be used by these politicians? As a tool to ensure that they don’t have to burn their black money over the night which our prime minister want them to do.

Here I am going to display few pictures that you can connect that these many years we are tolerating so many things, but this what we are bearing for few days will have a great impact on our country’s future.   queue

Now you can judge from last 70 years we are tolerating these many problems but no one came for us. But suddenly few selfish politicians came and taking our shoulders. They are confusing us and make us impatient about this situation.

On the behalf of every citizen of my society, I am calling every Indian that please help your locality and have some patience during this difficult situation.


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